Since its creation in 1997 Kings Buffet has grown across Ontario reaching from London in the south to Sudbury in the north. Chain-wide Kings Buffet has created jobs and opportunities for hundreds of people – an achievement of which we are very proud.

Like many other successful restaurants, the Kings Buffet concept relies on a team-approach by the owner, management and staff to excellent quality, value and dining experience. If you have visited a Kings Buffet, you will have noticed the active involvement of owners and managers with their staff and customers. This time “on the floor” is spent away from other administrative duties to ensure our guests and staff have management’s undivided attention during the busy dining hours. Naturally, this leads to very long working hours and is a prerequisite to a successful Kings Buffet outlet. In addition to financial and administrative abilities owners and their management team must constantly demonstrate a commitment to hard work and a the previously mentioned visible presence especially during the busy rush hours.

While not currently offering any specific opportunities, Kings Buffet Group is continuing on a program of corporate growth, which is expected to lead to franchising opportunities in the future. If you are interested in learning more about investing in the Kings Buffet concept, please contact below.

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